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Prices 2023

The official prices from austriaguide.at

Almost all of our prices have not been adjusted since 2018 due to the pandemic. For 2023, therefore, a corresponding increase was carried out taking into account the official inflation.

In the future, there will be an automatic price adjustment for the following year on 1.10. corresponding to the official consumer price index of Statistics Austria. Should inflation exceed 5% on 1.4. of a year, a price adjustment can also be carried out for existing orders. 

What you get with state-certified austriaguides

  • Professional support

  • understand needs of guests

  • can convey large contexts vividly

  • entertaining anecdotes

  • personal tips and recommendations

  • Conflict Management 

  • regional knowledge 

  • Companion at eye level

  • Problem solver

  • Comprehensive general educationComprehensive general education

  • Continuous training 

  • no Wikipedias on two legs, which only rattle off years, dates and facts

Prices 2023 for guide services, guided tours and tour guides throughout Austria (except Vienna)

  • Guided tour up to 2 hours
    165,- €
  • Half day to 5 hours
    275,- €
  • Full day until 10 hours
    420,- €
  • Overtime
    50,- €
  • Travel flat rate
    min. 30,- €

    If the tour is from/to or in a place where no guide lives, a travel fee of at least € 30 will be added to the fee. In remote places will be charged per km 0.42 €. 

Prices 2023 for tour guide services, guided tours and tour guides in Vienna

  • Half day Vienna to 3 hours
    230,- €

    Within Vienna max. 3 hours, outside Vienna max. 4 hours, incl. max. 2 hours walking.

  • Full day Vienna until 6 hours
    450,- €

    also applies if the morning tour ends after 13:30

  • Full day Vienna to 10 hours
    600,- €
  • Overtime Vienna
    80,- €

All prices net.
Since approx. 80% of the guides are small businesses, most of them can be charged VAT-free.
Corporate customers will receive an offer with VAT shown.
Foreign customers can be issued a VAT-free invoice via reverse charge if the relevant legislation is in place. 
Payment by invoice following the performed service with a payment term of 30 days. 

General terms and conditions

Group size

  • pure bus tours
    complete bus
  • guided tours in the public area
    max. 25 persons
  • Guided tours in museums
    according to the respective museum regulations or max. 20 persons

Cancellation conditions

  • Highlight tours
    free of charge up to 48 hours in advance, in Vienna free of charge 14 days in advance
  • Special themed tours
    free of charge up to 14 days in advance
  • Full-day tours
    up to 21 days before free of charge

Flat-rate organization fee

  • No organization fee for standard programs
  • For low effort at least 150,- € 
  • Elaboration of special tours at least 250,- €
  • The organization flat rate cannot be cancelled. 

Fair prices for valuable work

Tour guides work on a self-employed basis. This means that about 50% of the fee are taxes (social security, taxes, business levy, etc.). Including preparation and follow-up, the hourly wage should be similar to an advertising agency at about 70, – to 100, – €. 

The tourist guide is a regulated trade in Austria. The comprehensive training takes 1-2 years and costs about 4,000 €. It includes, history, art history, customs, geography, group dynamics, experience staging, dramaturgy, storytelling, conflict management, non-verbal communication, entrepreneurial knowledge, and much more.

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