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globally networked

Together instead of against each other

The pie is big enough. Guides from other countries are not opponents, but often have to deal with the same problems. We can learn from each other and professionalize together. 

Overview of the most important congresses

austriaguide symposium

every year in a different state

Formerly called the austriaguide congress, it was held for the first time as a specialist day in 2019. There is one day with professional lectures. The days before and after, the respective WKO or association organizes a sightseeing program. Mostly in the 1st week of November. 

Danube Vltava Guide Day

Bavaria | South Bohemia | Upper Austria

The multi-day meeting at the beginning of March takes place in a different country each year. In addition to technical presentations and workshops, there is always an exciting discovery program in the region. 

Lake Constance Guide Conference

Switzerland | Austria | Germany

The one-day meeting takes place every year in a different country around Lake Constance. In the morning with technical lectures and in the afternoon with an excursion program. Usually in the middle of March. 

Alpe – Adriatic region

Slovenia | Austria

Usually in February, the annual meeting between Slovenian and Austrian guides takes place. A day with specialized lectures and tours.

Bavarian Guide Day

austriaguides are also welcome every year

for years the austriaguides are invited as well

Every year at the beginning of January, the two-day meeting takes place in a different region of Bavaria. In addition to technical presentations, the main focus of the program is on socializing. 

German Tourist Guide Day

austriaguides are also welcome every year

Current professional-political topics, specialized lectures, tourist events are on the agenda at these meetings at the end of February. In the public part of the guest guide conference, however, active networking with decision-makers from politics and the tourism industry also plays an important role.

European Meeting – FEG Meeting

very familiar meeting with exciting sightseeing program

Every year in the 3rd week of November the 1 1/2 week meeting of the Federation of European Tourist Guides Association takes place in a different European country. In addition to a pre- and post-program with many sightseeing tours, the program includes a number of workshops and a lot of time spent together. 

World Federation Meeting – WFTGA Convention

approx. 30-40 austriaguides participate regularly

Every 2 years at the end of January the general meeting of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations takes place in a different country. During the 2 weeks there is an extensive pre and post program in the regions of the respective country. The main program offers lectures, workshops and sightseeing as well as plenty of time to explore the cities by yourself. A fun family vacation with like-minded people.  

The advantages

Professional networking

Exciting technical presentations

Learning from each other

Mutual support

Vacation with like-minded people

Political lobbying

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