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Webinar recording: Guest Tours 2021 – Requirements for a New Start

This week, we had the pleasure of providing technical support for the webinar “Guided Tours 2021 – Requirements for a New Start” for BVGD, the Federal Association of Guest Guides in Germany.

It was a very exciting event with top-class speakers. The recording is now online on the YouTube channel of the BVGD and is not only interesting for German guides:

to the BVGD YouTube channel

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the BVGD Board for their great volunteer work. Especially the hygiene concept is a great help for us tour guides and agencies for the new start.

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Employees wanted

We have received some consulting orders and are currently involved in various projects. Therefore, our webinar on virtual tours will be delayed a bit.

We are currently expanding our team to handle all of these tasks.

We are looking for a virtual assistant. A person to support us in the secretariat and back office for tourist service providers.

Of course, home office and on a freelance basis.

More info

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Guide Week from 10 – May 11, 2021

The New York Guide Association is organizing a virtual convention for tourist guides:

10+ educational events with 45+ renowned speakers from around the world of tourism.
Keynote presentation by Evita Turquoise Robinson, founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe and one of the most influential and inspiring women in the travel industry today
Opportunity to participate in virtual tours from around the world
A whole day of virtual networking
Networking opportunities via the Campfire Travel platform, developed by TripSchool co-founder (and GANYC member/industry partner) Mitch Bach.

All guides worldwide are invited. The conference language is English. The total price is $40 for licensed guest / tour guides.

register now

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Course for tourist guide in Austria starts on September 24, 2021

There is a new training course of tourism training in Austria. Modular, mostly online, a practical course with an optimal preparation for the qualification exam by experienced lecturers for the theoretical subjects, active guides and former graduates of the last years, as well as outstanding partners in the tourism industry.

Ideally matched as a part-time course.

The crisis is the best time for training and development. Why not go straight into vocational training, which will open up new opportunities for you?

We know that financially it is not easy in the tourism industry at the moment. That’s why we made the course modular, so you don’t pay for parts you can opt out of.

And we offer you flexible installment payments at no extra charge.

Course start
September 24, 2021

Course end
Summer 2022

Course duration
2 semesters
Total of 500 hours, including 100 hours of self-study and job shadowing/evaluation.

Course location
Theory mostly online via zoom
Livestream of the classroom events
Practical training in the respective federal state

The course is held part-time on Friday afternoons from 2pm-2:30pm and Saturday from 8am-4pm.
Most theory training online, classroom training in Vienna and Linz.

from €3,498

We have answered many other questions on our website in the FAQ section, e.g. how much you can earn as a tourist guide or what career opportunities you currently have.


Free online info evening on 14.09.2021, 19-21h

Or stop by our live info night. This Tuesday from 7-2 p.m. online via Zoom. We will present the course to you again in detail and answer all your questions.

You don’t have time? No problem. You can also download a recording and detailed information material from us free of charge and without obligation.

Nothing scares as much as change,
And nothing offers so many opportunities!

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Hybrid World Federation Meeting in Madrid, February 7-10

The World Federation of Guides Conference (WFTGA) is normally held every 2 years. Last year the conference was postponed due to Corona. Unfortunately, it cannot take place in Serbia this year as originally planned.

The Executive Board decided at short notice to hold a hybrid event in Madrid. From February 7 to 10, there will be an exciting program of lectures, workshops, network meetings and a colorful supporting program.
The meetings at world federation level are always characterized by a special spirit, where at the latest at the gala evening everyone is standing hand in hand on the dance floor.

Since traveling is not possible for many guides at the moment, almost all parts are also streamed virtually. We started a new company Hybrid Streaming last year and organize streaming with our team on the ground in Madrid.

We will try to transfer the spirit of sharing with like-minded guides, learning from each other and discovering new cities together with culture and enjoyment to the virtual.


If you’re coming to Madrid, be sure to join the Post tour of Spain’s small medieval towns from Feb. 11-13, 2022.
Because then we have done our challenging streaming job and look forward to a cozy exchange with you

Love greetings
Martha & Sebastian

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What is the focus of guided tours – the knowledge, the object, the guide or the guest?

On Saturday, I was allowed to give a lecture on the topic “Needs of guests” at the 20th Bavarian Guest Guide Day, which is organized every year by the Munich Guest Guide Association. As a subtitle I deliberately chose, ” What is the focus – The knowledge, the object, the guide or the guest”.

In my agencies DonauGuides and austriaguide.at we get with approx. 30% of the inquiries the wish of the guests that it should be please a good guide and not too many data and facts. Why do city tours have such a bad image? Are there so many bad guides or did guests just have a bad experience at some point that became so ingrained?

In my presentation, I first went into the theory behind the needs of guests. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a pyramid of needs. Even if this has been partly outdated and expanded and there are now other approaches in psychology, such as by Reinhard Schober, the needs pyramid still explains best what needs we have to deal with in a leadership.

The basic physiological needs (hunger, thirst, heat, cold, standing, sitting, urge to go to the toilet) and the need for security (orientation, ) must be served first, before social and individual needs and, above all, self-realization are taken care of. At the same time, the needs are different at different ages. With children and seniors, you have to be more concerned with basic needs, with teenagers, more concerned with social needs, etc.

What guides prefer to serve are the individual needs and, if it is a real experiential tour at eye level with the guest and discussion and change processes are triggered, also the self-realization.

In addition to needs, perception types (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory) also play a role. Here, we humans are influenced differently and again children more in the kinesthetic, who have to get rid of their energy, for example, before they can sit still in a museum to look at a work of art. That’s why I always include energy games in my guided tours for children in the company StadtLux – Adventure tours, where children are allowed to run up or down stairs, have to count them in the process and get back into balance in a fun and playful way, so that we can then move on to knowledge topics.

In the second part of the presentation, in addition to the special needs of children’s, teenagers’, seniors’ groups, religious and political groups were also discussed. From many agencies (especially river cruise ships) we get the requirement not to talk about politics and religion with the guests. But it is precisely these issues that interest foreign guests, especially in comparison with their home country. How do I deal with such sensitive issues? How do I lead a group of an AFD deputy through the Bundestag?

At the end of the presentation, the focus was on people with impairments. Based on the theory, we were able to find out together how guided tours can become an experience for people with visual or hearing impairments as well. For guides who lead groups with mentally impaired people and want to further educate themselves in this area, the Federation of European Guides offers training to become a T-Guide.

In summary, each individual guest has special needs that should be addressed as individually as possible. That is why the profession of the tour guide is so challenging, needs a good preparation and for this comprehensive care an appropriate fee. This is because the needs of the guides must also be taken into account and often fall short on this point.

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virtual 19th Bavarian Guest Guide Day from Tegernsee

The winter months are always a good opportunity for exchange with tour guides from all over Bavaria. However, due to the current situation and after already a year of forced break, the organizers of the Bavarian Guest Guide Day have decided this time for a virtual format.
We at Tourism Training have made our own company out of our many hybrid and livestreaming projects over the last few months: www.hybrid-streaming.com. With this we are allowed to broadcast the virtual guest guide day live from Tegernsee. It will be an exciting program and will certainly not only be of interest to the guides: https://mgv-muenchen.de/bgft
The individual program points can also be wonderfully credited for the tour guide qualification (two or three stars) of the BVGD.

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Some of our bike trips 2023

I was allowed to present eight bike tours on Thursday evening in the packed Forum Kirchdorf, which we carry out with our team of RadReiseGuides for Busreisen Weiermair.

For us, the focus is on cultural enjoyment cycling. It’s not about speed and kilometers. We get to know the country and its people, see sights along the way and learn about the history of each region in entertaining anecdotes.

Very important, of course, is a regional lunch and a stop for coffee, cake or ice cream. Whenever possible, we incorporate a tasting of local beers, wines and small bites.

We would be happy if you would join us on one or the other of Gerd ‘s and my trips:


I can really recommend Weiermair Reisen to anyone who wants to“travel better with distance“. Josef Weiermair and his team take wonderful care of guests’ needs. He pays absolutely fair fees to us tour guides and tourist guides. So the quality is right and there are unique experiences for the guests.

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